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  • By Carell Mehl
  • 04 Nov, 2015
Check out our   radio interview   with Marielle Smith on Page Radio. It may give you more of a flavour about why create a book like this.
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By Carell Mehl 05 Dec, 2016

We live in a time where we can sense, feel and know more than ever the energy around us.   Those who are now being attuned to Reiki have an amazing ability of already sensing the energy in and around them. Their journey started with a calling to simply have a desire to understand why they felt an energy that they can’t explain and now they are on a quest to improve, heal and evolve.   Like many of us from years ago when we started, we are still on this path of evolution.

 This would then lead you to hearing your higher self or spirit to have a calling to learn more and be more aware.   When you are first learning about Reiki there is a lot to understand and take in, but as you journey along and practice self-healing you realize there is an awakening that has happened.   It is a good practice to give yourself enough time of 2 to 4 months in between your levels of attunement before you carry on to the next level.

Our ego often tries to process and analyze the energy we sense, feel and know.   How do you respond when you feel it is something that is from your perspective, negative, uncomfortable or unpleasant? Our response is to deflect and/or figure out if this is going to cause harm, take advantage or manipulate us before we lose control. Sound familiar? This is ultimately being at the cause and effect of this energy and is also looked upon as karma. Alternatively, we can also view this from a positive emotion in view of a reflection which would be no different.

The world and the universe in its state of natural law will always present a yin/yang balance. There is always going to be energy that is opposite.   For us as humans, we have to look at the reflection that is often given to us to learn and evolve; therefore it is important that we take responsibility of how we react to energy when it is presenting itself. Emotions are away to measure this response and often we look at a negative emotion or feeling as a way to blame outside of ourselves for any of the emotions such as anger, guilt, envy, jealousy, sadness, fear, rage, just to name a few, that may show up in a conflict, challenge or confrontation. The energy in which we feel the response would be called a “trigger” and in turn is supported in a limited belief system.

Our story of an experience will give the illusion that this is the same scenario and therefore it will have the same outcome. But we have choice as to how we will respond and how we will hold ourselves or learn from a particular situation.   The key component to observe is, did I have a trigger and if so, why did I respond that way? The reflection that was given to you in response to any given situation that opens a trigger is a way to check to see if your heart is closed or open. We are very capable and amazing human beings and we can learn how to evolve from those situations that when faced with negative energy or adversity to take responsibility for our part in the action that we are engaging in.



By Carell Mehl 10 May, 2016
Our tip for this month is to “just be” and embrace the abundance of new life from the plant world and the animal world.  Can you just be still for 10 minutes out of your day and do not do a thing, not even a thought?   The only things you are doing are feeling your heart energy with your hands and infuse green into your heart and body.   Send Reiki there and now breathe in through the nose and out the mouth allowing your body to relax.   Put in Cho-Ku-Rei into the heart if you are attuned to Reiki.  Now connect with Reiki energy as you do the Reiki Mediation from the heart!  Make a mental note of any messages or images that come through as you meditate with this energy.  As part of helping the physical eat green food, wear the colour green and now that summer is almost around the corner we can simply just surround ourselves with vibrant colours within the parks and forests.   Breathe it in and enjoy!
Something for the physical

Now that you have some of your energy balanced another place to focus on the body is our incredible feet! We have chakras on the bottoms of our feet the same as your hands.   Taking good care of our feet and hands is important to have ultimate flow for Reiki energy. The feet keep us connected to the earth and our hands allow us to receive and give.  Maybe get a foot massage, reflexology or a hot stone massage along with a pedicure.  Top it off with a natural foot cream and then just put up your feet and relax.   A little Reiki with that and you are in top notch shape! Enjoy!

By Carell Mehl 07 Apr, 2016

Emotions are energy that can be experienced as positive or negative depending what is happening in your reality in the moment.  

Renewing our energy is like an energetic toxic release for the body. When we do Self-Healing Reiki practice or even when we do meditation those energy particles leave our energy field and create room for more positive energy. That positive energy comes through the Reiki symbols which make it much easier for us and shorten the steps of accessing the higher realms to assist in raising our vibration.

After doing your 15 min to 30 min Reiki session for yourself or even with a qualified practitioner you will want to drink water to continue to flush the energy that surrounds the organs in the endocrine system and also the emotional memories and dysfunctional patterns we carry with us. In addition to that we are in a constant bombardment of energy that enters our space from so many different sources. That includes electromagnetic energy from Wi-Fi, cell phones and towers to our computers, microwaves and TV’s. Anyone who is over sensitive to this stimulus will become very sick and ill. Our seven major Chakras or energy bodies are instrumental to maintaining good health for our body, mind and spirit. Eventually our energy system will get plugged and start to slow down.

The intelligence of our body, including our heart and inner wisdom will communicate to us what needs our attention.  When we sense that something is not working well, all we need to accomplish this and become knowledgeable is to listen and trust with awareness about what we need to do is to heal ourselves. It is much easier said than done when you are not understanding energy language and the laws of energy in the universe.

There are many ways and modalities that can assist with that task. Reiki is one tool that I have with me all the time. It weighs nothing, is invisible to the naked eye in this realm but colourful and bright in the dreaming realm. Reiki energy can transform negative or harmful energy that has impacted us and as well any living creature. Even micro-organisms, bacteria respond to the positive effects of Reiki.

Intent of release and the flow of this healing energy was a mystery until Nicola Tesla, a physicist in the late 1800s started examining and experimenting with scalar energy. There is science behind different energies and how they operate and function. Reiki energy is an ancient healing art that does have a spiritual tradition and when followed in a sacred way it creates the richness that accompanies the science and magic, love and beauty is witnessed.

If you need more of daily ritual and commitment, then Reiki practice may be a great place to start. Attune to the Reiki healing energy and start transforming your life. Namaste!


By Carell Mehl 07 Mar, 2016
Our Women’s journey took us to Tofino B.C. this year. What a beautiful magical space.  Even though at times it was raining it was still so amazing.   It was the perfect scenery and the most welcoming space I have been to that felt so similar to Hawaii. The only big difference is the beautiful hot weather that we enjoyed and the warm tropical breezes in Hawaii!

Exploring on Vancouver Island is so much fun even in the rain.   The times when we wanted to walk, we would gladly put on our rain gear and venture out to explore. It felt refreshing and made me feel alive.

The one thing that I had much gratitude over was that we drank good water from the tap and you could inhale nice clean air. It is those simple things that I realized are so life giving and so precious. It brought me back to a time when I lived in the Kootenays as a child. It was a playground of beauty.

I wanted to share a bit of the experience there in Tofino so you can imagine some mindfulness when you do your Reiki walk. I did mine in the botanical garden where it took us on a meandering path of items displayed as memory reminders from the past, overgrown with plants. My favorite is this delight.....
By Carell Mehl 08 Jan, 2016

So here we are again trying to determine what are the best strategies to help improve our health, wellbeing, balance and happiness? You know the ones that start off with great intent and tend to dwindle into a ghost of the past by the following month.   Only to be reiterated and vowed to be done again in the next year resolution. Let’s just stay positive here and forget about the past and just harness what is happening in the moment. New year, new day, let’s look at a possible solution that may get you on the right track.

Keeping your goals achievable and also measureable will be a true way to know you are making good progress.   There is so much information out there and hype it is hard to know what is truly going to be helpful or not.   What I know that has been a big difference for me is committing to my Reiki self practice and healing. You may wonder why I didn’t suggest, “Well this gadget worked the best and this technique worked the best”.   But really they are all just tools that can be good strategies to help you get to your goals, but the root of the pattern is what needs to transform before you can make any great strides.  What I can tell you from my own experience I have tried to ignore it, thinking that the next great weight loss invention or trick was going to be the ticket. But in reality that is not true. A calorie is a calorie a basic measurement. But we can certainly make our bodies more efficient at burning those calories. And along the way help our minds work with our body to transform to where we desire to be —healthy and happy.

 The symbol Sei-He-KI is for emotional healing and the best of the Reiki symbols to help transform those addiction problems.   This symbol helps to clear repetitive patterns and clear up the emotional attachment that is causing patterns of emotional pain and addictive behaviours.   We often are not aware of what it is that is hidden deep within our sub-conscious that is the root of the pattern or the behaviour.   And what is more important we don’t necessarily need to know, we just have to remove the pattern that the mind has created based on the experiences from the past.  In my own journey and from my client’s and student’s experiences, over time this can shift these patterns.  In a short time-frame you will see that the existence of how your psyche operated is no longer a slave to continue the same pattern.

In the Reiki Level two classes we begin to utilize the symbols with some structured techniques. There is one specifically taught to help with the above mentioned symptoms and challenges. To keep in mind that everyone is different in their progress.  Some key points to mention in this process would be to note that intention, mantras and along with the alchemy of Sei-He-Ki,   unfolds a unique change within you that helps you bring awareness for positive change. The recipient needs to have their full attention on their desire to shift out the belief pattern and/or habit that is not serving them in their lives any longer.  If you have the desire you can make that change. It also works well with modern conventional methods as a support to your ongoing treatment of western medicine. Reiki is a tool to add to that success!  Namaste.

By Carell Mehl 03 Dec, 2015

How are you doing with your connection to all the aspects of self?

In order to keep our health and life purpose on track we need to care for all five aspects of self.  These five aspects are your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual life force.  Anytime there is something that starts to create chaos in our world there maybe something going on with other aspects of self.   If it is physical then this points to our spiritual self and when we are way to emotional then it points to too much time with our ego mind creating worry and stress.

The important aspect of all this is to use your inner knowing of wisdom and intuition to hear what is not working for you.     If ignored it manifests into sickness, illness and disease.   Sometimes we may have missed the signals or cues and a pattern maybe repeating itself. This is a clear clue you have not addressed what happened in the past. Now it is showing up again but it will feel heavier and more difficult to deal with.   Seeking help by a trained energy practitioner will help you pinpoint the underlying issue which started the pattern. Especially if you have run around this circle before, why does it keep repeating?

Every year on your birthday you recycle through a chakra out of the 7 major chakras.   This is another great way to come to know your patterns. Nurture and heal whatever is in relationship with the chakra you are re-cycling through. Example – Root Chakra, it is about survival and it connects to the first layer of our physical body. Especially affecting our organ the adrenals which for many individuals the adrenals are overworked causing us to create a hormone called cortisol. This is in response to stress often created through the fight or flight syndrome. Shallow breathing then contributes to other factors like anxiety and depression. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder )then a key factor here would to be clearing and optimizing the root chakra. If weight is an issue for you right now then working with your root chakra is beneficial. The colour of the root chakra is red.   Eating red coloured foods (natrual red colour) and wearing brilliant red colours for your clothing, surrounding yourself with the colour red in your home and office.   You want to be fully experiencing life while being grounded and present.   This Christmas season is perfect for root chakra – red!

By Carell Mehl 04 Nov, 2015
Check out our   radio interview   with Marielle Smith on Page Radio. It may give you more of a flavour about why create a book like this.
To purchase and download your e-copy please go to.

By Carell Mehl 03 Nov, 2015

Body awareness is so important for us to understand. It is a pre-cursor as to what needs to change in our daily life in order to maintain or achieve good health for our body.  Our body houses our life force, spirit and soul. By putting some focus to our physical body we will have clues as to what is not serving us any longer for our bodies to survive and thrive. Just like grandmother earth, we are constantly evolving and changing. If we ignore the signs the body is conveying the more of sickness, illness and disease will start to emerge.   The timing factor that comes into play is age, how much stress we allow into our life, where we are in our energy evolution or development and what we are willing to do about it. We are in control of our journey in this life and we can heal ourselves. Our chakra system will be re-cycling and/or developing through our whole life so opportunities are always there to make a choice.   If we are struggling to maintain our health or if we are declining in our health goals an inward look is in order by tuning into our bodies through mediation or Reiki self-practice. This give us the opportunity to hear, see, feel and know of the changes we need to address in order to make a positive change.  What are some of those clues?  Below are a few examples just to get started:

  • Body pain
  • Anxiety
  • Brain fogginess
  • Weight Gain
  • Low immunity
  • Depression
  • Constantly sick
  • Poor digestion
  • Skin problems
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Food cravings
  • Addiction to food
  • Allergies
Muscle testing is another way to see how your body responds to certain foods and supplements.  This will take some patience as you need to be very honest with your results.
By Carell Mehl 03 Oct, 2015

These days we are recycling everything! Why not recycle yourself!  How?  I am sure you hear this over and over again.  In a very simple form we need to BREATHE!   Our breath can help us to move the energy to recycle it.   Breathe in with a deep cleansing breath and release and breathe it out.  All the way out till you feel it is completely out of your body.  Feel the breath moving through your body and if you don’t normally put your attention to your breath.

Take a moment or two now and close your eyes and just breathe!   Along with the release imagine that emotion or stress leaving your space and your body.  Make sure you are sitting upright and that your hands feet are not crossed.  Place your hands with your palms facing up resting on your legs.  Keep taking in the universal energy and trust that your body knows what to do with this amazing energy you are breathing in and out and create a more positive and magnetic field of energy for yourself.

In some cases, we may be expereiencing   energy  that we are sensing or picking up that isn’t of our own. During the day you actually may have taken on someone else’s emotions  or negative patterns.  How would you know that it isn’t yours?  Simply check inside and ask, feel and know- do I have a reason to feel this way at this moment?  If we can be very honest about the question then we may realize that it maybe something even very old that has not yet been resolved.  If you feel that there is just no reason then ask the universe to take it all and release all that does not serve you any longer.   Repeat this until you feel complete and then rest for a moment in silence.

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