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Assertiveness Mastery Program

Provides direction
- Self Esteem and Confidence
- Helps decrease Fear and Anxiety
- Improved Social & Communication Skills
- Increase Energy and Vitality
- Conflict Resolution
- Team Building

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A spiritual way to hold your own with challenging Colleagues, Superiors and Personal Relationships. 

This program has been designed to work with individuals who are unable to be assertive with their needs when in situations of intimidation. Whether it be professionally, socially, or in a personal relationship, the Assertiveness Mastery Programs unique design will help identify the triggers and problem areas that a person needs to work on in order to become more assertive. 

In the Assertiveness Mastery Program you will complete 6 modules of self study and 6 one on one sessions with Carell Mehl - Creator and Author of the Assertiveness Mastery Program.The Assertiveness Mastery Programs end result is to be able to maintain a satisfying career and flourishing lifestyle.  

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