Meet our dedicated team of Reiki Master Practitioners

Community of Reiki Healers - Left to right top Row - Val, Julie, Carell, Lidia and Michelle and bottom left to right is Lorna, Terry, and Emily.   

Our team of Reiki Masters are a dedicated group that gather together once a week to provide Reiki and  with laying of Cyrstals and precious gems, to anyone who wishes a group healing. It is an opportunity for those who are seeking a way and means to help move any negative or disruptive energies in their physical body or aura space.  The healing team has  been of service since 2005.   

The team holds a sacred space in order to assist the client on their journey of spiritual, mental and physical change. These may be due to disease, life altering events, trauma or stress. Much of this energy may be a repetitive pattern carried on from karmic ties occurring from past events and past lives. The team is merely a vessel to channel the universal life force energy for anyone who requires space to be held for them to move out these harming energies.

There are many benefits that can be realized if one is open to this amazing healing experience. There is no set fee — a donation of any amount is all that is required. There could be up to 8 Reiki Masters at one healing.  Along with our distance team sending Reiki at the same time.  Eighty percent of all donations go back into charitable organizations in our communities.  One of our favorite charities is to the Nature Conservancy of Canada . Long distance healing is also available – we can include you with our long distance healers. All that is required is your name, intent and photograph.

Our team is ready to be mobile within Calgary to support those who are not able to travel and/or bed ridden.  The elderly, the sick and those who crossing over can benefit greatly from the support of our healing team.

Grandmother Earth thanks you for your willingness to heal. As we heal she benefits also! For all my relations!

I would like a healing – what is my next step?

  • Obtain a client intake form and send it in to the Team Leader as soon as possible.
  • Select a Tuesday evening that works for you and mark it on your calendar (please note for those that are bed or house ridden the team will travel to facilitate a healing.)
  • Arrange to have someone to drive with you to and from the healing as you may feel a little disconnected afterwards.
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Any questions contact the Team Leader

What should I expect during and after my healing session?

In order to benefit the most of your session a healing attunement may be done first. This will be explained fully by a Reiki Master. The team will assess your aura space and your Chakra system. They then proceed with the session by laying the stones and crystals that have been determined by yourself and the Team Leader prior to your arrival. If you wish to have communication or silence from the team in regards to what is read within your energy field during your session, you must express your choice before they begin.

It is up to you how you wish to receive this energy – it is your healing.  The time frame is usually 1.5 to 2 hours this varies with each healing.

You may experience emotions and the release of that energy. It is encouraged that you participate as much as possible in order to receive the maximum benefit from your healing. It is truly an uplifting experience.

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