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Usui-Tibetan Traditional and Non-Traditional Reiki Level 1 –

This first level of Reiki begins the process of the physical to heal and allows us to start to learn to connect to our own inner guidance, personal power and energy bodies. Everyone has the ability to connect to their intuition and use it in their daily life. Have you been looking for something spiritually to take you on a new journey? Are you wondering why you are here and who you really are? The first opening and the beginning that will start to change your life. In this class you will get started on an amazing journey of personal transformation. Reiki isn’t just for assisting others to heal. It can also provide a beautiful pathway to move you into a more fulfilling place for yourself. Reiki is a wonderful way to take charge and to empower yourself.  Become your own guide and teacher.   Knowing and discovering the true essence of who you are will begin to bring you to a place of peace, love and inner wisdom.   It only takes a heart commitment to yourself and it will be with you for eternity.  Reiki is pure love and connected to the everything of the universe.  It allows an opening that only you can move into a journey of your most intimate imagination.  Below are the components of the Reiki Level 1 degree:

  • Cleansing of the Aura – why and its usage.
  • Introduction: The History of Reiki an ancient healing art and it’s rediscovery by Dr. Mikao Usui
  • The Reiki Principles – Each one as it applies to us in life
  • The Chakra System, what it is and the importance of this system as well discussion and teaching the corresponding issues.
  • Learning about the Reiki symbols and their intent for Reiki application.
  • Cho-Ku-Rei and it’s use for self healing for the physical level.
  • The Human Energy Field or Human Aura – Hands on experiences to understand this field
  • A guided meditation for Balancing the Chakra
  • The Usui-Tibetan Attunement – A Rei-Shama-KI ceremony is the container for the attunement embodied by a Shamanic Alchemical tradition.
  • Self Healing, Hand positions and practice to Chakra balancing Music 12622462-reiki-self-healing-heart-by-lovely-young-woman
  • Discuss steps to a Reiki Session and CRA – Code of ethics
  • The Canadian Reiki Association – Membership forms and what is in it for you!
  • Cleansing and keeping your auric field clear and your responsibility to self and others.
  • Hand Positions and how the energy channels for others through you and for you.
  • Chair Session – Reiki
  • Complete one on one practice and demonstration
  • Group Reiki Share and practice for full session experience

 Usui Tibetan Traditional and Non-Traditional Reiki Level 2

This level of Reiki amps up the energy level and now gives you an opportunity to learn more about the emotional and spiritual aspects of using Reiki while still experiencing more of the healing from the physical.  At this level you can begin to gain more of expansive space of knowing of working with the energy field, the chakras and your luminosity.    The symbols are the alchemy in which draws energy from the universe and then in turn channel it to where ever it is required.  These symbols are much like a radio receiver or antenna.   This process allows the healing of karma, long distance healing and understanding more of your life force.  Your Kundalini  energy and Hara line are important systems to understand as you continue to grow and learn on this path.  By adding in the alchemy of this process of energy it boosts the energy up in comparison from a 110 current to a 220 power line.  Reiki 3 then moves to an awareness of spiritual energy flow and intention.

Below you will find an outline of items covered in this class:

  • Review of Cho-Ku-Rei and components from Level 1 that are necessary
  •  Learn the Sei-He-KI and Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen symbols and discuss their use.
  • Physical, Mental,, Emotional and Spiritual Healing
  • Learning the effects that maybe present when healing occurs with clients
  • Long Distance Healing techniques-applications and when to use these techniques Other Reiki symbols
  • Introduce Hui Yen to practice and microcosmic orbit-Kundalini exercises and understanding Reiki as a Kundalini discipline
    • Group healing sequence, format and protocol
    • Preparation for healing (This is to prepare the practitioner with the use of daily exercises, visualization, care for self and healing space, meditation exercises incorporating Reiki Lifestyle Samples of recommendations we will be referred.)
    •  CRA- Membership (Application and guidelines)
    • Reiki Chant Meditation with Cho-Ku-Rei, Sei-Hei-KI, Hon-sha-ZE-Sho-Nen
    • Usui Tibetan Non-traditional Attunement – Re-Shama-KI Ceremony
    • Long Distance Healing practice
    • Manifestation grids -beginning us of Crystals and gemstones
    • Healing Team information on the Community of Reiki Healers
    • Group Reiki Share – Practice

    Reiki Master Levels of Interest

    There are three journey choices at this level.   Reiki Master Level three consists of a personal journey with no practicum or for someone who wishes to work with the public there is a Reiki Master Practitioner choice.    Reiki Master Level four is a Teacher Level  with different practicum commitments and time frame.   Six months for Practitioner and one year for Reiki Master Teacher.  KI Lifestyle wishes to continually keep up the standards of the Canadian Reiki Association and also to offer students a way and means to practice on an ongoing basis in order to gain experience and practical hours required to achieve the status accepted by the C.R.A.

    Reiki Master Level means that you have made a commitment to continue on your own personal healing journey in order to MASTER the teacher within yourself and to gain confidence in holding space for another to heal on their journey.  It is a decision that should not be taken lightly as the whole process in which spirit works with you at this level is life changing.  It truly becomes a way of life and a way of being of service for others.   There is much beauty that blossoms through your own personal commitment that is supported from our Community of Reiki Healers.  You truly can foster your way of what works for you and how you wish to transform.

    It is an honor to be a part of this journey with you!

    Below is the course outline for Weekend One and Weekend two.   Watch for dates for upcoming classes or contact

    Reiki Master –  Practitioner – Level 3


    •  Reiki and the Path to Enlightenment – Your commitment of your journey
    •  Review of Level 1 and 2 with symbols – Drawing and withdrawing symbols
    •  More Reiki Roots –East Asian background of the Traditional system
    •  Rei KI Gong Exercises
    •  Reiki a Lifestyle continues – Self healing and the Spiritual Healer
    •  Opening the Kundalini – Discuss KI Exercises and Hui Yin position
    •  Hara line and Tan T’ien – The line of Intention
    •  Exercise to align your will with your life purpose


    • Ceremonial attunement for this level and meditation
    • New symbols Master symbols Dai-Ko-Myo, (Tibetan, USUI and non-traditional) Raku, Healing attuements
    • Discussion on non Reiki symbols
    • The elements and energy of  the Reiki symbols
    • Healing team and Fostering a Reiki Community (practitioners)
    • The four Energetic Pathways
    •  Reiki share for the end of the day
    •  CRA – Membership and application guidelines
    •  Homework schedule (Practitioners)

    Reiki Master Teacher – Level 4

    • Review of all previous levels of Reiki – Q&A
    • Teaching the student Client Care and Etiquette
    • Traditional DKM symbol Theoretical and practical use
    • Dai -She-Nua-kan ,  Fire Serpent – New Symbol- Theoretical and practical use
    • Energy Blocks and Defense systems in the Aura
    • Aura and Chakra Patterns of the Major Character Structures Introduced
    • Ceremonial space and preparation
    • Personal care
    • Reiki Master manual for attunements


    • Meditation and attuements passed
    •  Attunement process to pass for all levels
    • Passing attuements and practice
    • Creating your Reiki community and commitment of a teacher
    • Course outlines creation
    • Holding space for Students – what is yours to do?
    • Creation of Mediation techniques Group and personal
    • Discuss the teaching process
    • Beyond Reiki and working with Energy and healings
    • Healing Team protocol Review
    • Creating your business as a Teacher and learning to treat it as a profession
    • Marketing and Business conduct
    • CRA – Membership and application guidelines.
    • Homework schedule
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