Way to Heal

Reiki is a Natural Way to Heal

Without addressing the process of the mind and spirit, the body cannot be permanently healed. Reiki is a holistic, natural, safe way to heal. There are no contra effects, as energy goes to where it needs to go or it may be sent to the earth if the receiver does not accept it. What does Reiki do?
Relaxes, detoxifies, speeds healing, activates cleansing and metabolism, regenerates, rebuilds the bodies ability to cope, shrinks tumours, cleanses chakras, releases blockages, reduces side effects of chemical drugs, changes mental patterns and emotional release, releases karmic and past life patterns, increases vibration frequency and assists in spiritual healing.

Reiki Shares

 We have Reiki sharing circle and guided Self healing on Thursdays which alternate. If you wish to join in on any of our community Reiki events please contact Carell at carell@kilifestyle.ca . Cost to those who are not students of KI Lifestyle are asked for a donation of $10.00.

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