Ki Lifestyle List of Classes and Workshops  

This program is a work at your own pace (no longer than 12 weeks) program consisting of 6 modules, energy sessions and one on one support. You must fill out the self assessment form before your Free consultation. 

Each of these courses are a one day course with pre-work information.  

These two courses are done on a weekend 2-day workshop and have a practicum to follow. 

These are both 2 day workshops and consist of 2 weekends each.  They have a Prerequisite  of Reiki Level 2. 

This course is a one weekend 2-day course.

This is a one weekend 2-day course. 

The Ki Lifestyle Training Method

The style of training and experience with us at KI Lifestyle offers a safe and supported environment so that you may be able to pursue the best aspects of any modality of the healing arts. The Shamanic Reiki program has been created to have a way and means for you to stay committed to heal on your own personal journey and then be able to walk it out and continue to be of service to others on this planet. A student has the flexibility to pursue the more popular followed track-way of the Non-traditional teachings of Reiki or combine it with Shamanism. Either way a natural flow will occur that can take you to some interesting places of self-realization of what your unique medicine is in this world and how it has impact. Other training with us can follow the same track-way and can be integrated into Hot and Cold Stone Massage, Raindrop Therapy, Flower essences , Birth support just to name a few.

These traditional modalities have been around for thousands of years and are a wonderful complimentary to our western medical communities and sciences. Our culture is demanding a more organic way to life as we see and experience the power and impact these have and why they were so valued by our ancestors. Our earth’s evolution, along with nature, is one of our great teachers that can bring us back into balance on this planet. We offer this track-way to wake up and become aware.

We invite you to take this opportunity to rediscover the naturalness of yourself and that you are a part of the whole and not separate. KI Lifestyle’s community of like minded individuals support communities that are of service to others in this balanced way so that the seven generations before us and the 7 generations after us can reap the benefits of our efforts.

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Protection Healing Bundle Workshop  

KI Lifestyle would like to present our newest workshop! You will be engaging in this creation for your protection healing bundle in a ceremonial way. This bundle is especially important for energy healers, persons engaging in any kind of spiritual practices or for those who are sensitive to energy from others. All supplies are provided.

We will be putting in a blend of specific items that will care for your energy bodies. By doing this in a ceremonial way it will seal in the beauty you create for yourself and help you align with your life walk and purpose.

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