October 7, 2015


After coming to see you last time, my energy has shifted in an ENORMOUS way! I got up and moving and I have been busy with tonnes of new and exciting opportunities that are creative and exciting and healing to the plant world. I feel much much better emotionally, my life force is soaring and I am feeling happier than I have in a long time. What a difference! You are such a a master healer Carell, I have so much respect for you and I am so grateful you are in my life.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.





Dear Carell

Your work is, indeed, amazing. After just one energy-healing session with you, I was already beginning to experience a magnificent difference. The reduction of pain alone – across my upper back and my shoulders – is a gift without comparison. I had no idea how much the residual pain I had there was impacting me until it was no longer present.

Thank you for your intuition and your interventions. You definitely have the healing touch. I would be pleased to recommend your work to anyone. –  Donna Dahl – Author, Speaker and Personal Coach

“As a life-long student of metaphysics, I am always open to exploring new and different ways to receive insights into my spiritual path. I have worked with tools such as Tarot and Oracle cards but never heard of the Book of Life Mayan Oracle until Carell mentioned it to me. The reading she did for me was definitely eye opening! I couldn’t believe how much information was shared in just one reading!! She covered so many areas that I wasn’t even expecting.  And it all resonated with me on a very deep level. Carell’s insights and explanation of the messages allowed me to go much deeper into my spiritual self than I have before. I truly appreciated this opportunity for self exploration and to get answers to things that had been just out of my reach for so long.” – Ramona

“I started my Reiki journey with Carell in May of 2009 and completed Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3 by the end of the year.  It took me a while but I completed all the requirements for Reiki Master Teacher early in 2014. I am very well aware that Reiki has had a hugely positive impact on my life.  Specifically it has assisted me in transitioning through several major life altering situations.  I have successfully addressed and healed a number of long seated emotional issues as well. I personally do daily self Reiki, attend weekly Reiki share work, weekly with the Reiki healing team and participate in a Reiki- Shamanic Integrated healing circle.” – Leola Ilsley

“Carell Mehl is knowledgeable in both reiki and shamanic traditions.  As a Reiki Master Teacher, she draws on her substantial experience leading a weekly healing team and being a board member with the Canadian Reiki Association when instructing students.  Because she is a certified Shamanic Practitioner through the Institute of Shamanic Medicine, students also have an opportunity to learn about shamanic healing and integrate this with reiki during regular reiki shares and healing nights.  Many reiki teachers teach the course and don’t offer any opportunities for their students to expand their skills and build confidence.  Carell was and is with me all the way. Even now that I am a Reiki Master Teacher myself I know I can always consult with her.  There is no other teacher I respect or recommend more.” – Jennifer Engracio, Owner of Spiral Dance Shamanics

“Reiki is pure loving energy; it is amazing how I feel energetically since I started to have Reiki as part of my life. Reiki is gentle and deep, being in a healing session it is a marvelous experience because if I’m helping to heal somebody it is also a healing for me. I met Carell last year and I immersed with my open heart in this learning, took the 3 levels of Reiki and right  now I’m a practicing student, there are so many doors when we walk in the magical spiritual world,  and you start to incorporate learnings such as shamanism to your Reiki, Ra-Shama-KI is the new modality  taught by Carell, it is important to know about the elements, planets, plants, animal medicine, stone and minerals, everything is connected and all have their own energy, so be open for the more in a caring loving way of learning. “   –  Lidia

“My experience with the distance healing session with Carell was a testament to the gentle grace by which healing occurs when both facilitator and recipient touch the point of perfection together.  I have experienced many very effective healing sessions with Carell in person, but to experience such clear healing from the other end of the country, only served to amplify the benefits of creating exactly the desired effect.
During the healing session, I felt Carell’s loving support holding the space of intention as strongly as if she were right there beside me.  In some ways, this distance healing session was more effective because of having to be more attentive to holding the space of intention for the healing.  This distance healing demonstrated to me how the gentle yet deeply effective ‘intention’ to allow healing is in no way defined or limited by dimensional restrictions of form, time, or distance.  All that is required is the pureness of intent and openness of allowing from both facilitator and recipient.”

N. Gosse
I found the Reiki level 1 course very enjoyable & Carell gave us lots of information to take home & try for ourselves.  She gives a most relaxing & comfortable atmosphere to learn in.  I’m excited to keep taking her classes & expand my abilities.
The Reiki session I had was so relaxing & interesting.  Carell gave me lots of past life information, & helped me let go of some energy blocks.  I highly recommend her for any healing work.

, Hanna AB
I’ve been awakened beyond any scope of my imagination, truly an invaluable gift, a pleasant and rewarding surprise.  Thank you for waking me up!!!
, Calgary, AB
Carell Mehl is many things to many people: wife, mother, grandmother, and co-worker.  To me, she is a friend, a sister and a unique healer.  
Before Carell began her journey as a Shamanic Healer & Reiki Master, she was my boss.  Even back those many years ago, Carell always approached people with an open mind and heart.  People were comfortable around her. We used to laugh about how everywhere we went, sweet little old ladies always wanted to talk to Carell.  At bus stops, in the mall, in restaurants, they all would just strike up a conversation with her.  I now know that what I thought of as her “approachability” was much more than that.  People are drawn to healers.  And although she did not know it at the time, just by being herself, she was drawn to the healing path.  Carell has spent the last several years opening herself up to becoming a healer.  She did not sit idle just waiting for it to happen.  She surrounded herself with like-minded people, both as a student and a teacher.  She has spent countless hours in Shamanic ceremonies working on her personal growth and her vision of her life’s path.  She has expanded her knowledge in Hot Stone Massage, Laying of Stones, Chakra Balancing and countless other healing arts.  For the last few years, Carell has dedicated herself to a healing path, teaching others how to heal ourselves and our world.  
I have taken several classes with Carell, I have worked with her on the healing team, and have had the pleasure of enjoying her Hot Stone Massage.  I seem to learn something from Carell every time I see her, not just in the classes.  So whether you are interested in her skills as a healer, or as a teacher, I know that you will not be disappointed!
, Calgary, AB
The high level of Reiki healing that Carell and her team performs created a similiar quality of emotional and belief system shifts for me as taking a five day intensive Personal Development course.  I re-built parts of my outer Aura and gained back the strength that had been draining from me.  I highly recommed Carell’s work, but it is not for the light of heart or the inexperienced!
, Black Diamond, AB
From a student perspective, I really enjoyed the combination of classroom work, hands-on learning and self study.  This gave me a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and see the teachings from many different angles.  This teaching style is both challenging and rewarding and I would like to be able to pass that along to my students one day.
, Calgary, AB
I played a lot of sport when I was younger and thus injured myself quite often.  This meant trips to physiotherapy and massage therapy that never seemed to fix the problem – just temporarily postpone it.  When I met Carell I explained to her the extent of the problem and within minutes of a session I was already feeling alleviated of the pain.  After about a week I figured I would have to book another session with her as this is usually how it goes, but to my surprise the pain had completely subsided!
Thanks Carell.
, Calgary, AB
I recently felt lifted and instant healing one morning when I woke up and found out Carell and her group had already done a long distance healing on me.  Carell can instantly tune into you through Reiki, even through long distance!  And as a student and former patient, the effects are incredibly healing!  My anxiety has healed overnight and my constant worries were quelled into inner peace and calm state of mind.  Carell is very spiritually intuitive and divinely guided by the Source of the Universe.  I trust in all that she does!
, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Over the years I have known Carell, she has continued to amaze me with her depth of knowledge, deep commitment to her study, and her compassion for others.  As a teacher she is exceptional, accepting others as they are while being willing to share any knowledge that will serve them in developing their innate skills.
I thank you for all that you are and all that you selflessly share with others.

, Calgary, AB
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