What Motivates You?

How does it effect your Energy?

In this 4 part seminar series, we will discuss and demonstrate how motivation significantly can change your well-being and create consistent happiness and success in your life. 

We will show you that by knowing exactly where your motivators are positioned how it can affect your bodies energetic balance. Knowing how to work with what motivates you can increase personal happiness, workplace relationships, overall business production and bottom line results as well as achieving personal goals.
The seating is limited so book now!!! The first day of the series is January 11, 2018 and with the next 3 seminars every Thursday to follow. Your purchase of a ticket include all 4 days as well as food for each day. Parking is free and located on site at the Quarry Park Cardel Theatre. 

 The hosts for this event are Connie Cook of Communicating Wisely Ltd. and Carell Mehl of Ki Lifestyle Solutions Inc. 
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