Assertiveness Mastery Program 
"AMP 1 & AMP 2 changed me deeply and profoundly. It was hands down the best investment and biggest turning point in my entire life."       - Karen Lausch

Carell Mehl, Creator and Author of the Assertiveness Mastery Program, has spent years working with individuals on personal growth and development and throughout this time combined all her knowledge to create this ground breaking program. To hear more about her story read here! 

This unique program is a spiritual way to hold your own with challenging colleagues, superiors and personal relationships that makes them feel intimidated or uncomfortable in a stressful work environment. This unique program alleviates stress, depression and anxiety so you can have a flourishing lifestyle and satisfying career. The Mastery of being assertive will empower and motivate performance and productivity. The Assertiveness program brings in awareness to learn to bring balance of being assertive not about over powering others or just settling because you feel you have no choice. This program brings you to experience win-win solutions and cohesive collaboration.

Key benefits to the Assertiveness Mastery Program are health, work/career performance and productivity, cohesive team-work, empowerment to face bullies, getting more assertive in your job search and finding the right employer and creating flourishing lifestyle.

This program is geared towards career professionals, employees who are challenged in the workplace, those who have low self-esteem as well as individuals who are looking for work in this competitive market that are willing to approach this in a spiritual way.

KI Lifestyle’s ideal candidate would be willing to embark on an enlightening journey of assertiveness mastery, a willingness to open your mind by learning how to work with universal life energy, your own personal essence and energy system.    

This program is comprised of 6 modules as outlined in the overview. Energy sessions and awareness of your energy and others self study with pdf information. It can be done on-line or in person at your own pace. However it should be completed in a time frame no longer than 12 weeks.

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